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History of NYC - 1800-1850

During this period, the Erie Canal begins operating – a game changer for the City and its place as a nexus of trade and economics. The New York Stock & Exchange Board is established and City Hall is built, along with the Staten Island Ferry, Madison Square Park and Fulton Fish Market.

1802: City Hall Design Concept

A conceptual sketch of a design proposal for New York's City Hall by architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe.

1812: Aerial View of Manhattan

A bird's eye view of downtown Manhattan and New York Harbor with plenty of ships.

1812: Harlem, New York

An illustration of the Harlem Plains in 1812 when it was a rural settlement.

1823: The Palisades

A painting of the Palisades - a line of steep cliffs along the west side of the lower Hudson River in Northeastern New Jersey and Southeastern New York.

1825: Manhattan's Skyline from Brooklyn

Drawing shows lower Manhattan across the East River with sailboats, sailing ship, and steamship in the river.

1842: Murrays Hill

View of the Murrays Hill Reservoir - the terminal, or distributing, reservoir of the original Croton Aqueduct.

1827: Central Park Scene

Illustration of pedestrians walking near Central Park.

1830: City Hall

An engraved perspective of City Hall in New York taken from Wall Street.

1830: City Hall, New York

Black and white illustration of City Hall in New York.

1831: Broadway and Bowery

Engraved illustration depicting the corner of Broadway & the Bowery in downtown Manhattan.

1831: New York from Weehawken

Panoramic illustration of Manhattan's skyline, taken from the perspective of Weehawken, New Jersey.

1846: City Hall

An illustrated view of City Hall and the park fountain.

1836: Union Square Park

An aerial view of people, horses and wagons crossing Union Square Park.

1849: Aerial View of New York City

Black and white etching of Manhattan looking south from a bird's eye perspective. Union Square Park is visible in the foreground.

1849: Manhattan and Brooklyn

An illustrated perspective of Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Hudson River from the Navy Yard.

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