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History of NYC - 1945 to 1950

After six years of a world at war, the Allies have emerged victorious, an event which would fuel the American economy well into the next two decades. New York would ride this wave of prosperity and renewed celebration, filling the city with parades while expanding its financial and cultural footprint. Popular culture also began to cross social barriers as Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers crosses the baseball color line.

1947: 110th Street from Park Avenue

A photograph taken after a rain storm beneath an overpass looking east on 110th Street from Park Avenue.

1945: Residents of Little Italy Celebrate Allied Victory

Residents of New York's "Little Italy" in front of 76 Mulberry Street greet the news of Japan's acceptance of Allied surrende.

1945: Crowd at Times Square on V-J Day

Crowd of people, many waving, in Times Square on V-J Day at time of announcement of the Japanese surrender in 1945.

1945: Times Square Crowd Celebrates the Surrender of Japan

Crowds Gather in Times Square to Celebrate V-J Day (Victory over Japan Day) on Tuesday August 14, 1945

1945: Kissed in Times Square

Photograph of a sailor kissing an unknown woman in Times Square upon the announcement of Japan's surrender.

1947: Jazz Band at Times Square

A portrait of musicians Art Hodes, Kaiser Marshall, Henry (Clay) Goodwin, Sandy Williams, and Cecil (Xavier) Scott, playing on the back of a wagon in Times Square.

1947: Portrait of Jazz Musicians in Times Square

Photograph of jazz musicians Art Hodes, Kaiser Marshall, Henry (Clay) Goodwin, Sandy Williams, and Cecil (Xavier) Scott at Times Square.

1948: 52nd Street at Night

Rows of parked cars reflect the neon lights of the bars and clubs on a rain-soaked 52nd Street.

1947: Billie Holiday on Stage

Photographic portrait of Billie Holiday, performing at Downbeat - a jazz club in Midtown Manhattan located on 52nd Street.

1947: Portrait of Billie Holiday

Close up photographic portrait of Billie Holiday singing at Downbeat Jazz Club.

1947: Ann Hathaway at Washington Square Park

Photograph of Ann Hathaway posing in front of the Washington Square Arch of Triumph with the 5th Ave skyline and a glimpse of the Empire State Building.

1948: Riding Tricycles at Washington Square Park

Photograph of youngsters with tricycles stopped at a puddle near a curb in Washington Square with people on benches in midground, trees behind them.

1949: Saint Anthony's Playground

Photograph shows a nun with a group of children on the basketball court at Saint Anthony's playground.

1947: Puerto Rican Family in New York City

Photograph shows a group of Puerto Ricans, at Newark airport, who just arrived by plane from Puerto Rico waiting to be transported to New York.

1945: Traffic on 37th Street

Long lines of delivery trucks stall traffic on the corner of West 37th Street, looking west from 7th Avenue, in front of Howard Clothes store.

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