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History of NYC - 1930 to 1935

The 30s would mark a far less jubilant period as the City would come to grips with the grim reality of the Great Depression. An economy at record lows and unemployment at all time highs would take place in the ironic shadow of the city’s growing skyline, which now includes The Chrysler Building and the RCA Building.

1931: Construction of the Empire State Building

Photograph of two construction workers, perched atop the steel framework of the EMpire State Building.

1933: RCA Building at Rockefeller Center

Photograph of the RCA Building at Rockefeller Center, as viewed from old Union Club.

1930: Chrysler Building and Skyscrapers

Aerial photograph of Midtown Manhattan with the Chrysler Building as the focal point.

1930: The Chrysler Building

Photograph of the Chrysler Building, designed by architect William Van Alen and completed on May 27, 1930.

1930: The Chrysler Building

Full length photograph of The Chrysler Building at the intersection of 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue in Midtown Manhattan.

1931: Midtown Manhattan Skyline and the East River

A view of Manhattan's midtown skyline from Queens. Visible in this photograph are both the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building.

1931: A View of Madison Avenue

Photograph of cars and pedestrians on Madison Avenue with a political banner for the New York Young Democratic Club hanging overhead.

1931: VIew of Downtown Manhattan

Photograph of the East River and Manhattan's famous downtown skyline taken from Brooklyn.

1931: Midtown Manhattan Skyline

A bird-s eye perspective of Midtown Manhattan, looking northeast towards The Chrysler Building.

1931: New York Harbor

Photograph of Manhattan's rapidly growing skyline on its southeastern waterfront.

1931: View from Skyscraper

Photograph taken from a skyscraper in Manhattan.

1932: Asleep on South Street

Photograph of men sleeping in the doorways of South Street's storefronts at the height of the Great Depression - an era of poverty as the city endured widespread unemployment and homelessness.

1934: Wholesale Market in Lower Manhattan

Photograph of workers unloading trucks with dollies at a downtown Manhattan market.

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