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History of NYC - 1980 to 1985

The early 1980s marks a drastic transition as the City enjoys another decade of prosperity while the exodus of middle class residents to suburban areas has radically altered the demographic. The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum opens, as does the Helmsley Palace Hotel and Limelight nightclub. Much of the City is still in shambles but signs of recovery are everywhere as neighborhoods rebuild and New Yorkers find more opportunities in a growing economy.

1984: Empire State Building and New York's Skyline

Aerial photograph of the Empire State Building and Manhattan's skyline with Queens and Brooklyn visible in the background.

1980: Twin Towers, World Trade Center

Aerial photograph of World Trade Center Buildings Number 1 and 2, commonly known as the Twin Towers.

1980: Twin Towers and Lower Manhattan Skyline

Aerial Photograph of Lower Manhattan's skyline, prominently featuring the World Trade Center.

1980: Downtown Bridges, Looking North

Aerial photograph above the East River Shows the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges with Midtown's skyline visible in the distance.

1982: Governors Island

Photograph of Governor's Island with the World Trade Center visible in the background.

1984: Battery Place at the Hudson River

Photograph of the Hudson River and West end of Pier A, Battery Place, New York City.

1981: South Street Seaport Museum

Photograph of South Street Seaport Museum, Block bounded by John, South, Fulton, & Front Streets.

1980: The Wonder Wheel at Coney Island

Photograph of the Wonder Wheel and Carousel ride at Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York.

1981: Brooklyn City Hall

Photograph of Brooklyn's City Hall, located at209 Joralemon Street, Kings County New York.

1981: Chambers Street Surrogates Court

Photograph of Surrogates Court, located at 31 Chambers Street in lower Manhattan.

1981: City Hall from the Southeast

Photograph of New York City Hall and City Hall Park taken from the southeast.

1981: City Hall Park

Photograph of New York City Hall's North elevation and City Hall Park.

1983: Chamber of Commerce Building

Photograph of the Chamber of Commerce Building, located on 65 Liberty Street.

1981: William J. Matheson Building

A Historic American Buildings Survey photograph showing east and north elevations of the William J. Matheson Building at 145-155 John Street.

1981: South Street Seaport

Photograph of traffic in South Street Seaport with the Woolworth Building visible in the background.

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