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History of NYC - 1975 to 1980

All of the misfortune and poverty of the early 1970’s would come to a head in the latter part of the decade. The city faced its darkest hours as it continued to deteriorate into crime and disarray. In 1977, the entire city loses electrical power in a massive blackout. Unlike the previous blackout twelve years earlier, this one is followed by widespread rioting and looting. Many neighborhoods, most notably Bushwick, were almost completely demolished. The city seeks to update its lagging image with the I ♥ NY advertising campaigns designed by Milton Glaser.

1975: Aerial View of Queensborough Bridge and Manhattan

A bird's eye view of the Queensboro Bridge, Spanning East river & Blackwell's Island, with Manhattan's iconic skyline in the background.

1975: Manhattan Skyline at Dusk

Photograph of New York City's Skyline after sunset.

1975: New York City Skyline Lights

Photograph of New York City's skyscrapers as dusk approaches. Taken on January 10th, 1975.

1978: Aerial View of the Brooklyn Bridge

View looking East of the Brooklyn Bridge, spanning the East River between Park Row, Manhattan and Sands Street, Brooklyn.

1977: Downtown Manhattan Skyline in the Winter

Photograph taken from Brooklyn shows the World Trade Center over a partially frozen East River.

1978: Bird's Eye View of the Manhattan Bridge

Aerial photograph of traffic on the Manhattan Bridge.

1978: Lower East Side from Above

Aerial photograph of the Lower East Side with Midtown Manhattan in the distance.

1976: Alternate Designs for the World Trade Center

A few of the alternative designs for the World Trade Center proposed by architect Minori Yamasaki.

1978: Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan Skyline

Aerial photograph of the Brooklyn Bridge over the East River.

1978: Aerial View of Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges

Photograph of Brooklyn with Lower Manhattan skyline in the background.

1976: Corner of South Street and Peck Slip

Built at the corner termination of a three store row on Peck Slip for Jasper Ward in 1807, this Federal style building stood next to one of the most important and longest lasting slips in New York City. Like most of the other seaport buildings, 45 Peck Slip became part of the fish market in the late 19th century.

1978: Washington Bridge

Aerial photograph of the Washington Bridge across the Harlem River, connecting the boroughs of Manhattan and The Bronx.

1978: Lower East Side View of the Twin Towers

Photograph of the Lower East SIde, looking down Henry Street towards the World Trade Center.

1978: Third Avenue Elevated

Color photograph of the Third Avenue ELevated Railroad tracks on a clear day.

1978: Lower Manhattan from New Jersey

Photograph of Lower Manhattan's iconic skyline with the Twin Towers featured prominently.

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