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History of NYC - 1890s

The 1890s were a pivotal point in NYC history. Washington Square Arch, Carnegie Hall are built and the New York Public Library established while the U.S. Immigrant Inspection Station begins operating on Ellis Island. The City of Greater New York created, consolidating the existing City of New York with the eastern Bronx, Brooklyn, most of Queens County, and Staten Island.

1890: Aerial View of The Battery

The Port of New York - a bird's eye view from the Battery, looking south.

1898: Dewey Arch

The Dewey Arch was a triumphal arch that stood from 1899 to 1900 at Madison Square in Manhattan. It was erected for a parade in honor of Admiral George Dewey.

1890: Newspaper Row

An aerial photograph of Park Row, also known as Newspaper Row as it became the epicenter of 19th century news.

1890: New York Streetcar

Photograph of commuters waiting to board a New York City streetcar, headed towards 23rd Street and Broadway.

1893: The Terminal, Old Post Office

Photograph of horse drawn trolleys on a snow covered street in Manhattan

1896: New York City Bicycle Messenger

Photograph of a young messenger posing with his bicycle.

1899: The Waldorf Astoria

Photograph of the Waldorf-Astoria built in 1893 on 5th Avenue, south from 35th Street.

1899: Jewish Market on the East Side

Photograph of a busy East side street lined with Jewish markets and filled with pedestrians.

1893: Union Square, Looking Southwest

Aerial photograph above Union Square filled with people and horses and the Lincoln Statue in the foreground.

1894: The Decker Building, Union Square

Photograph of the Decker Building overlooking Union Square. The structure was completed in 1892 for the Decker Brothers piano company, and designed by John H. Edelmann.

1896: Union Square Cab Driver

Photograph of a hansom driver standing in front of horse and cab.

1895: Broadway and John Street

Photograph of Broadway near John Street filled with carriages and pedestrians.

1896: Along the Bowery

Photograph showing elevated railroad, delivery wagons, streetcars, buildings and people in lower Manhattan.

1890: Statue of Liberty

Photograph of the Statue of Liberty with her torch illuminating the sky over New York Harbor.

1895: Fulton Ferry Brooklyn Bridge

Photograph of the Fulton Ferry crossing the East River with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.

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