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History of NYC - 1910 to 1915

At the dawn of another decade, New York’s expansion and cultural influence show no signs of slowing. The New York Public Library’s main branch was completed and just a few blocks away, Grand Central Terminal was rebuilt to a luxurious standard, moving thousands of commuters a day. Pennsylvania Station – an architectural marvel in its own right was also completed during this time, along with The North River Tunnels which would connect New York with New Jersey.

1910: Pedestrians on 42nd Street and 5th Avenue

One of the city's busiest intersections filled with shoppers, commuters. The streets are packed with horses and carriages.

1910: Panoramic View of Trinity Church

Photograph of an elevated perspective of Trinity Church and its surrounding buildings.

1910: Aerial View of Grand Central Terminal

A bird's eye view of midtown Manhattan featuring the recently completed Grant Central Terminal.

1910: The Vanderbilt Hotel

Photograph of The Vanderbilt Hotel which was built at 4 Park Avenue, between East 33rd and 34th Street in 1910-13, and designed by Warren & Wetmore.

1910: Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden at the intersection of 5th Avenue and Broadway at 23rd Street. Madison Square is named after James Madison, America's 4th president.

1910: Speyer House on 87th Street

Photograph shows the James Speyer house, to the right, a mansion at 1058 Fifth Avenue, on the southeast corner of 87th Street,

1910: Pennsylvania Station from Above

Aerial photograph of the newly completed Pennsylvania Station shows off the elaborate masonry and scale of this highly ambitious building.

1910: Pennsylvania Railroad Station Exterior Facade

Photograph from an elevated perspective showing 32nd and 33rd Street and 7th Avenue and the facade of Pennsylvania Station as horses and carriages pass by.

1910: East Facade of Pennsylvania Station

Pedestrians walk in front of the recently completed Penn Station - whose opulence and grand design would make it one of the city's most cherished landmarks.

1910: Pennsylvania Station Interior

Photograph of pedestrians commuting at the Pennsylvania Station, where the Long Island Railroad opened to the public on September the 8th, 1910.

1911: Waiting Room at Pennsylvania Station

Passengers in the waiting room at Pennsylvania Station, with statue of Alexander Johnston Cassatt, president of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company.

1910: Keel of New York, Brooklyn Navy Yard,

Photograph of construction workers at the Brooklyn Navy Yard building a large timber framed ship from the keel up.

1910: Building USS New York at Brooklyn Navy Yard

Photograph showing the construction of the USS New York at Brooklyn Navy Yard.

1910: Shoeshine Stand on 3rd Avenue and 9th Street

Shoeshine stand beneath the Third Avenue elevated train in the East Village

1910: Tending a Shoe Shine Stand on Greenwich Avenue

Photograph of a Frank Villanello, tending his father's shoe shine stand located at 21 Greenwich Avenue

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