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History of NYC - 1940 to 1945

The 1940s would mark a turning point in how society shares information thanks to widespread adoption of television. The first two TV stations in the city, WNBT (now WNBC) and WCBW (now WCBS-TV) signed on the air for the first time. This era would also mark the beginning of another World War, and an inevitable wave of migrants seeking refuge from war-torn Europe. In the midst of this global drama, the New York City Opera was founded and New York Fashion Week began, further establishing the city’s empire of industry and the arts.

1941: Grand Central Terminal Concourse Interior

Photograph of commuters at Grand Central Terminal's Main Concourse, bathed in sunlight streaming through its majestic windows.

1942: Soldiers at Pennsylvania Station

Soldiers and sailors line up inside the concourse of Pennsylvania Station.

1943: Fulton Fish Market

Photograph of dock workers moving cargo at Fulton Fish Market with Manhattans' downtown skyscrapers visible in the background.

1943: A Harlem Scene

Photograph of pedestrians and brownstone buildings in a Harlem neighborhood.

1943: Harlem-Policeman

Photograph of a young police officer walking his beat in Harlem.

1942: New York Taxi Driver

Photograph of a taxi driver polishing the hood of his car in front of a row of brownstones.

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History of NYC - 10,000+ Years Ago

Learn all about NYC’s fascinating past by exploring the natural forces that shaped the environment and landscape, along with the people who would transform the “Island of Many Hills” into the greatest and most influential city in the world.

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