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History of NYC - 1965 to 1970

As the boon of the postwar economy declined and the civil rights movement began to build momentum, the late 60s would prove to be a time of change. The skyline loses one of its icons in the form of the Singer Building in 1968. It is the tallest structure ever demolished at the time. The Jacob Javits Federal Building and Gulf and Western building were constructed. The New York Mets win their first World Series title, defeating the Baltimore Orioles in five games. The Beatles also performed at Shea Stadium, to a packed crowd of fans.

1965: U.S. Custom House

Pedestrians crowd the intersection of Main And Nassau Streets at U. S. Custom House on 28 Wall Street in Downtown Manhattan.

1965: Astronaut Parade

Aerial photograph of a ticker tape parade for astronauts Virgil Grissom and John Young (seated in last car with Vice President Humphrey).

1969: NYC Stock Exchange & Wall Street

Photograph of a packed floor at the New York City Stock Exchange on Wall Street.

1968: Aerial View of World Trade Center Construction Site

A bird's eye view of the future site of the World Trade Center. An excavator is seen clearing and leveling land and preparing the foundations of the Twin Towers.

1968: World Trade Center Foundation Walls

Photograph showing wall supports for the foundations of the World Trade Center.

1967: Broadway and the Singer Tower

Photograph of 149 Broadway, The Singer Building Facade from the southeast.

1967: The Singer Tower

A photograph taken by the Historic American Buildings Survey of the soon to be demolished Singer Tower at 149 Broadway.

1967: Looking Up at The Singer Tower

Photograph taken from Broadway, looking up towards the Singer Building.

1967: Singer Tower Close Up

Photograph of the Singer Tower close up, taken from the west.

1965: Selma Supporters Protesting in Harlem

Photograph of marchers carrying banner and leading the way as 15,000 attend a solidarity march in Harlem.

1965: The Dakota, Central Park West

Photograph of The Dakota Apartments, located at 1 West 72nd Street, Central Park West.

1965: The Dakota, Central Park West Corner

Photograph of the The Dakota Apartments taken from a corner in Central Park West.

1966: Cars Parked on Second Avenue

Photograph firectly across the street from buildings and cars parked on Second Avenue.

1967: Parking Lot on Water Street

Cars parked in front of Fraunces Tavern Block, Bounded by Pearl, Water & Broad Streets & Coenties Slip.

1966: Cars and Buildings on Second Avenue

Photograph of cars and buildings on Second Avenue and East 41st Street.

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