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History of NYC - 1920 to 1925

Like many other cities in the aftermath of a global war and pandemic, New York was ready to kick off a decade with a spirit of celebration. Society would break much new ground, including a boon in home ownership, and the expansion of civil rights. In the US, the sale of alcohol became prohibited, but this did little to stop the speakeasies which would define nightlife. Many great traditions and institutions were established during this time, including Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and New York Port Authority, The Cotton Club and New Yorker Magazine.

1921: Mechanic and Steam Pump

Photograph of a young mechanic tightening the bolts of a steam pump with a wrench.

Artist Credit: Lewis Wickes Hine. Reprinted with permission.

Next Chapter: History of NYC - 1925 to 1930

From 1925 onward, the City would experience a massive cultural renaissance. New venues were opening all over the city to accommodate the growing demand for arts and entertainmen... Continue Reading

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History of NYC - 10,000+ Years Ago

Learn all about NYC’s fascinating past by exploring the natural forces that shaped the environment and landscape, along with the people who would transform the “Island of Many Hills” into the greatest and most influential city in the world.

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