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History of NYC - 1880s

The 1880’s NYC would see increased commerce and growth in outer boroughs with the completion of both the Brooklyn and George Washington Bridges. Other iconic moments during this decade include the dedication of the Statue of Liberty, the opening of Katz’s Delicatessen and the building of Hotel Chelsea and The Dakota. The Great Blizzard of 1888, also known as the “White Hurricane”, paralyzes the Eastern seaboard, causing temperatures in New York City to fall as much as 60 degrees.

1887: New York City Harbor

A painting of ships sailing the New York Harbor against a backdrop of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge in the distance.

Artist Credit: Andrew Melrose. Reprinted with permission.

1882: Manhattan Skyline from Jersey City

An illustration of downtown Manhattan from Jersey City, long before the era of skyscrapers.

Artist Credit: Unknown. Reprinted with permission.

1880: The Collect Pond

The Collect Pond, or Fresh Water Pond, was a body of fresh water in what is now Chinatown in Lower Manhattan.

Artist Credit: Unknown. Reprinted with permission.

1886: Statue of Liberty Fireworks

Aerial illustration of the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor illuminated by fireworks at night.

Artist Credit: Charles Graham. Reprinted with permission.

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The 1890s were a pivotal point in NYC history. Washington Square Arch, Carnegie Hall are built and the New York Public Library established while the U.S. Immigrant Inspection St... Continue Reading

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History of NYC - 10,000+ Years Ago

Learn all about NYC’s fascinating past by exploring the natural forces that shaped the environment and landscape, along with the people who would transform the “Island of Many Hills” into the greatest and most influential city in the world.


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