New York City from 1905 to 1910

1907: Arriving at Ellis Island

Immigrants arriving at Ellis Island for processing in 1907.

1909: Pedestrians in Chinatown

A Chinese-American man walking with son on the street in NYC’s Chinatown district.

1909: Praying On the Williamsburg Bridge

A group of Jewish citizens recite prayers on the pedestrian path of the Williamsburg Bridge for the Jewish New Year.

1905: Concert in Central Park

Spectators enjoy a musical performance at one of Central Park’s pavilions.

1905: Lake and Terrace at Central Park

A small crowd gathers near Bethesda Fountain to enjoy pleasant weather and boat rides on the lake.

1905: The Belmont Coach on Fifth Avenue

The street is packed with the traffic of horses and carriages at the intersection of 5th Avenue and 59th Street.

1908: Meeting of the Unemployed at Union Square

Photograph shows unemployed men and boys meeting in Union Square, New York City.

1905: Riverside Drive, New York City

Horse and carriage making its way along Riverside Drive, an avenue which was opened in 1880 and was well-used by walkers, bikers, and drivers.

1906: Broad Street Lunch Carts

Street vendors selling hotdogs and lemonade on Broad Street in Manhattan.

1905: Children Playing Near a Dead Horse

Poor sanitary conditions have become commonplace, as evidenced by this photo of children play in the street gutter within a few feet of a dead horse.

1908: Catching Goldfish in Union Square

Children trying to catch goldfish in the remaining puddles of Union Square’s Fountain.

1909: Downtown Broadway

Photograph of a busy downtown street, Looking up Broadway from Custom House.

1906: Elevated Railroad at 8th Avenue

Horses and carriages move along the underpass of the elevated train tracks following 8th Avenue.

1908: Italian Street Vendors

A few of many street vendors selling their goods at the Italian Feast of San Gennaro, which is still celebrated in a similar manner today.

1905: Blizzard on 23rd Street

Rows of carriages on 23rd Street are blockaded from the January 24th storm which covered the city in 11" of snow.

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