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History of NYC - 1600s

In the 1620’s, the Dutch settled what would be known as New Amsterdam – a modern european village in a pristine New World. For four decades it endured, until the first Anglo-Dutch war which led to the Netherlands surrendering the colony to Great Britain, eventually leading to the creation of New York in its place.

1664: Dutch Surrender of New Amsterdam

On August 27, 1664, four English frigates sailed into New Amsterdam's harbor and demanded its surrender, eventually convincing Peter Stuyvesant to cede the territory.

1676: New York City Hall and The Great Dock

Illustration of the old Great Dock near City Hall, one of the primary ports welcoming travelers and merchants to the New York Harbor.

1679: Dutch Cottage in Old New York

Illustration of a quaint Dutch cottage in a residential section of Manhattan.

1689: The Trainbands Signing Jacob Leisler's Declaration

Print shows English militia members signing an accord which officially established New York under the dominion of the English crown.

1667: New Amsterdam Harbor

Illustration of New Amsterdam, a small city on Manhattan Island, New-Holland, North America. The image depicts the harbor and multiple ships taking port.

1674: The Blockhouse and City Gate

View of the Schoeinge or street piling on the East River shore near present Coenties Slip - the dock and river front to Wall Street

1680: Corner of Exchange Place & Broad Street

Colorized illustration of pedestrians in front of a Dutch-style house, constructed on the north east corner of Exchange Place & Broad Street.

1696: Captain Kidd In New York Harbor

Illustration of Captain Kidd, a famous Scottish pirate approaching New York's famous Harbor.

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