New York City from 1900 to 1905

1900: Mulberry Street Markets

Vendors line up on Mulberry Street and draw a large crowd of shoppers taking advantage of the open-air market.

1902: Main Hall at Ellis Island's Immigration Station

Interior view of immigrants seated on long benches and awaiting processing at the Main Hall of the Immigration Station at Ellis Island

1904: Immigrants at Ellis Island, New York Harbor

Immigrants waiting to be processed at the Immigration Building located on Ellis Island. New York had become a Wonder City and beacon of hope for people all over the world.

1902: Immigrants Being Served a Free Meal at Ellis Island

The facility at Ellis Island was equipped with a dining hall which was often used to provide free food for weary travelers after their long voyage.

1902: Money Exchange at Ellis Island's Immigrant Station

Immigrants ready for travel with baggages lined up at teller’s windows marked money exchange.

1902: Ellis Island Immigrants Bound For Manhattan

A line of immigrants has passed all phases of inspection at Ellis Island and await the ferry to Manhattan where they will begin their new lives.

1902: Immigrant Station at Ellis Island

An exterior perspective of Immigration Station at Ellis Island, with ferry docked at the adjacent pier.

1900: Piers at the Foot of Wall Street

A photograph of the piers at Wall Street with two large boats docked and a Colgate carriage with horses parked on the promenade.

1900: Mulberry Street in Little Italy

A picture of pedestrians on Mulberry Street, located in the heart of a bustling Italian neighborhood.

1900: Peanut Stand at West 42nd Street

A pair of children purchasing snacks from a streetside peanut vendor on West 42nd Street.

1901: Beggar Receiving Money

A beggar with an eyepatch and facial scars receives money from a passing pedestrian.

1900: Easter Flower Market on Union Square

Photograph of a man selling flowers to customers, framed by large bouquets against the iconic backdrop of the surrounding buildings.

1900: Italian Watchmaker's Shop in Manhattan

Photograph of an Italian watchmaker’s shop. An older woman reads the newspaper as a pedestrian observes.

1900: Buying Easter Flowers in Union Square, New York

A woman buys flowers from a vendor in Union Square, surrounded by local children.

1900: Blind Beggar on a New York Street

A blind vagrant panhandling in front of a building. Homelessness would become a growing issue during this era with the emergence of a new industrial working class.

1900: Peter Cooper Monument

Following Cooper’s death in 1883, Augustus Saint-Gaudens was commissioned to design a monument in honor of the great visionary located on 7th Street between 3rd Avenue and Cooper Square.

1904: 14th Street Store at 6th Avenue

Henry Seigel’s 14th Street Store, opened in 1904 on Sixth Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets.

1900: The Columbus Monument

Manhattan’s Columbus Monument was created by Italian sculptor Gaetano Russo as part of the city’s 1892 commemoration of the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ landing in the Americas.

1900: Fifth Avenue, North of 51st Street

A view of Fifth Avenue, from the perspective of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Photograph includes the Vanderbilt family mansions.

1900: Grand Army Plaza

A view at the corner of 60th Street and Fifth Avenue, on the Southwest corner of Central Park

1903: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Photograph of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and part of Central Park. In the foreground a busy street filled with pedestrians, horses and carriages.

1900: Cab Stand at Madison Square Park

Two women passing a row of horse-drawn carriages as they walk alongside Madison Square Park.

1902: Flatiron Building Under Construction

Construction of the Flatiron Building by George A. Fuller Construction Company in 1902.

1903: Flatiron Building from Madison Square Park

Families stroll through Madison Square Park, its trees framing the recently completed Flatiron Building.

1904: Grand Central Waiting Room

Interior view of Grand Central’s waiting room, completed in October of 1900

1903: New York Times Building Under Construction

New York Times Building Under Construction in 1903 located at One Times Square.

1901: Rapid transit construction work at Union Square

Rapid transit construction work at Union Square at the intersection of Fourth Avenue and 14th Street, New York City, June 8, 1901

1900: Brooklyn Bridge, New York

A perspective of Brooklyn from the Brooklyn Bridge, framed by a B.M.T. train and commuters in 1900.

1900: Elevated Railroad at Chatham Square

Located at the intersecton of Bowery and Division Street, Chatham Square was an express station on the IRT Third Avenue Line. It had two levels.

1900: The Bowery near Grand Street

A steam-powered locomotive awaits boarding passengers on the Bowery’s elevated train line near Grand Street.

1900: Elevated Tracks on Sixth Avenue North of 14th Street

Crowds of shoppers fill the busy streets north of 14th Street in the shade of the elevated train which once ran along 6th Avenue.

1900: Man on Derrick Load at the New Union Square Building

Construction worker perched 5 stories above the ground during the construction of a new building at Union Square.

1904: New Pennsylvania Station

Aerial view of the New Pennsylvania Station whose construction is nearly complete.

1904: Waterfront on West Street

View along waterfront on West Street with many freight wagons, street cars and the buzz of daily activity.

1902: The Speedway near High Bridge

The Harlem River Speedway was opened in 1898, inviting sightseers to enjoy the spectacular views of the new waterfront esplanade.

1904: City Hall Subway Station

Interior view of City Hall’s newly completed subway station.

1903: Opening of Williamsburg Bridge

The Williamsburg Bridge opened on December 19, 1903, at a cost of $24.2 million. At the time it was the longest suspension bridge span in the world.

1904: The Whitehall Building

The original Whitehall Building was constructed from 1902 as a speculative office building designed by architect Henry Hardenbergh.

1903: Broadway and Times Building

Broadway and Times Building at Time Square, New York City circa 1903

1903: New York Times Building

A vertical panoramic image of the New York Times Building in great detail.

1904: Times Square at Night

The bright lights of Times Square are not a new phenomenon as this picture reveals, albeit on a much smaller scale.

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